On The Horizon

by Atomic Square

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released August 2, 2011

Music By:
Ete AhPing - Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Thomas Ryan - Guitars, Keys
Daniel Dell - Bass
Steve Poponi - Drums / Percussion, Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Patrick Degan - Drums (Wait in Line / No End)
Samir Abed - Drums (Motives)
Sarah AhPing - Vocals (For You)

Recorded | Mixed | Mastered at Gradwell House Recording Studio in Haddon Heights, NJ from May 2010 - June 2011 | GradwellHouse.com

Recording Engineer: Steve Poponi
Produced By: Thomas Ryan and Steve Poponi
Mastered By: Dave Downham

© 2011 the Atomic Square | theAtomicSquare.com



all rights reserved


Atomic Square Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cerebral post-rock meets bittersweet pop.

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Track Name: Wait In Line
Hold your head
Keep it under
All the air

Wait in Line
For your number
Hear it called
Track Name: Motives
Is there a way to patch this soul?
To make it clean and everything whole.
I used to think when I was young...
This was life but, oh no, I was wrong. 

It goes on and on again. ( No one hears you )

Will you stand up and walk the line,
Where no one goes, but we… don't… know…
What's on the other side

It goes on and on again. ( No one hears you )

Will you… own me?
Pick up, build me?
Please don't… erase me
Will you save me?

Does it matter now?
Can you help me? Somehow.
Does it matter now?
Can you help me? Somehow.
Track Name: Take Me
Spent all my life
Waiting for someone like you
I used to feel so empty
I used to think it was a dream

I feel light again
I feel light and energy
I never want it to end
I want you hear with me

Go on and on (go on living)
Go on and on
Take me home, take me home!
Track Name: For You
Look around at all you see, everything was meant to be for you.
You've always hurt so deep inside.
Is this just another night with me?

Look around at all you see, everything was meant to be for you.
The empty wall, a broken chair, where are you now?
Is anyone here for me?

They make you feel so all alone, I think it's time for you to come home.
The empty wall, a broken chair, where are you now? Is anyone for me?
Track Name: Level Three
Know who you are.
The walls are caving in, your heart begins again.
What is the answer?

I cant hear you now... I cant hear you now!
Track Name: The Day Before
Daylight has come. Daylight has come. You've been so... critical. 
Track Name: Central Ave
It's like trying to swim across the ocean
With nowhere to go but down
You try to take everything with you
Everything here, all of this stuff weighs you down. 

It's to late....

Floating towards the ground, no one hears a sound
I know that you can change, no one feels the same..

You wont see me… you wont see me.
Track Name: Don't Leave
There's a storm outside.
The house fills up with rain
I don't know, I don't know how long
This can go, go on

What is wrong? What's wrong with me?
I feel alone. When I'm here.
And you know that I need you
Don't leave me on my own, alone....

Will you watch me drown?
Please just hold me down..
I know that you will come.
And save me from....
This dark sun. 
Track Name: No End
I won't do it, what they tell me.  
I won't think that way. 
Cause I take comfort in what I know.  
I take comfort in truth. 
Will you be there in the end?
Will you be there, my friend?

There is no end to all thats right
There is no end to all the light
I'll come find you, in the end
I'll come find you, again. 

I don't know. I don't know. I don't know
Track Name: Everything You Want
I haven't slept for days. 
Im living in a dream
Will you still be there? 
When it's time to leave.
I'm so tired that I can't sleep.
Write down these words for me. 

Everything you want is here inside.
Everything you need is here inside.
You can try but you will not ever find...
Everything you want is here in... side. 

Where is the end?
To this road. 
Can you help?
Where's this road